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Chiropractic Services

On September 18, 1895 D.D. Palmer adjusted a man named Harvey Lillard.  Palmer claimed to be the first to perform this specific type of adjustment to the spine.  A few days later Harvey's hearing returned, after suffering from deafness for 17 years.  That first adjustment was the catalyst for the development of the Chiropractic profession.  As D.D. Palmer studied the human body, he found that there were three things that could affect the spine and even the overall health of a person; traumatism (physical trauma), poison (chemical toxicity) and negative auto-suggestion (stress).  

The nervous system is the "master system" of the body because it controls all the other systems. When we find that someone has a subluxation or a vertebra that is interfering with the nervous system, we know they will never be truly healthy until it is reduced.   In our office, we use many techniques to make adjustments to the spine; the approach for each patient is taylored to meet his or her needs, selecting the right technique to accelerate the healing processes.  D.D. Palmer taught us that trauma, chemicals and stress can all be causes of nerve interference, so we make sure to find and remove the true underlying cause of your subluxations.

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4251 Winder Hwy, Suite G

Flowery Branch, Ga 30542

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