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About us
About us

Dr. James Tucker began his Chiropractic practice in 1999 after graduating with honors from the prestigious Life University. He is board certified in Georgia and Florida and lives in Flowery Branch.  He is considered an expert in his field of practice due to the amount of study he has done and the number of people he has helped.

He practices Chiropractic and Clinical Nutrition based on the teachings of the founders of Chiropractic, the Palmers.  The Palmers taught there are three things that cause disease; trauma, toxins and negative auto-suggestion.

"After years of practicing philosophy based Chiropractic, I found some of my patients returning time and time again with the same subluxations.  I started studying the research of nutritional pioneers like Drs. Lee, Price and Page.  Then I realized I had been missing some of the underlying causes of the reccuring subluxations, some people aren't healthy enough to "hold" their adjustments.  I began taking classes with some of the best nutritional practitioners of today; Drs. Ulan, Bryman and Dobbins.  Class after class and seminar after seminar, I started to build the knowledge and the practice to handle most any case that I am presented with."

Dr. Tucker is constantly attending advanced programs of study on the latest and most innovative methods to help his patients.  He takes care of patients of all ages with all ranges of problems to help them maintain or regain their health in the most holistic manner possible.

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4251 Winder Hwy, Suite G

Flowery Branch, Ga 30542

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